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Utilize the Labcorp Patient Service Center Locator for Drug Screen Collection to locate the nearest Labcorp collection site – you will want to select “Occupational Urine Drug Screen Collections” as the type of service you desire. Utilize the Quest Patient Service Center Locator for Drug Screen Collection to locate the nearest Quest collection site – you will want to Select “Employer and wellness services” as the reason for testing.
General Instructions
You must have a custody and control form (CCF) in your possession to receive drug testing services at a Labcorp or Quest facility. If you do not have a form, please call for our Immediate Testing program.
Please note that hours vary for different services offered at a Patient Service Center. Be sure to contact the collection site BEFORE your visit to determine when those services are available
The Quest Diagnostic Patient Service Centers, 'Find a Location' locator site also lists non Quest PSC’s. Be advised there may be an additional charge to use these 'Preferred' third party locations.
For Additional assistance or to help locate a collection site not in your area, please call our Customer Service department. 1.888.441.4599


For Immediate Testing or to set up ongoing testing call 1.888.441.4599
Email: salesteam@drugtestingusa.com

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